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About Us

New Quay Honey Farm started in 1995 when my parents made the move from Dairy Farming to Bee Farming. We had been beekeeping in the family for years; I started at the age of nine after some encouragement and guidance from a neighbour, and on buying my first hive the interest was sparked in all of us.

We now have hundreds of hives spread across the beautiful Ceredigion countryside in small groups which give us a beautifully blended honey from the depth and diversity of the wildflowers in the county.

Beside the actual Beekeeping, we have a visitor centre, with a Shop, Tearoom and a live 'Bees behind Glass' exhibition. The fascination of the honey bee, how the hive works and organises itself to coordinate the production of honey is one of the wonders of the natural world, and in the exhibition we give you a peek into the world of bees and show how amazing they are!

Also on the farm we have a Meadery where we produce a selection of Meads, the oldest alcoholic drink known, you can see some mead being brewed and taste as many as you want.

All our honey is Cold Pressed and Raw which means that filtering is the only process it undergoes before being consumed, preserving all the natural health benefits and the taste of this amazing product.


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New Quay Honey Farm
Cross Inn
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